Parking will be available in Lots 29 and 34 at the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus. Please refer to the steps below to get your free parking. Also please refer to the campus guide to locate the appropriate numbered lots.

Campus Map:

Parking map.PNG

Options for parking are listed below.  If a valid space is not available, you will need to find street parking.


  • Preauthorize (before coming to campus) by going to this link and creating a guest account, then follow the prompts.  You must know your license plate number.  On the day of the event be sure to park in a valid (unsigned) space in either lot 27 or 29.


  • Authorize when arriving on campus, park in a valid (unreserved) space in either lot 27 or 29 and then follow the steps as directed below.


Lot 27 and 29 Pay Station Steps:  COUPON CODE: 19EFF4050

Steps to follow:

  • Park with your license plate visible to the drive lane in an unsigned space in Lot 27 (just south of the General Services Building) or Lot 29 (located on the SE corner of 3rd St E and 13th Ave).

  • You will need to know your license plate number to enter into the pay station.

  • Walk to the pay station and follow the prompts:

    • Press any button to start

    • Enter license plate number

    • Purchase – enter Yes – there is no charge

    • Enter number of hours to be 10 – permit is valid all day

    • Enter Code  EFF4050

    • Do not need a receipt to display

  • Location of pay stations:

    • Location of pay station near lot 27:  on the north side of the lot 27 entrance off Broadway Street near the General Services Building. 

    • Location of pay stations near lot 29:

      • ​​One north of 13th Avenue near the Applied Arts Building.

      • One on the west side of 3rd Street East near the Sports & Fitness Center


  • Once the information is entered you are valid to park in Lot 27 or 29 (unsigned space).



If other accommodations need to be made, contact